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The Reign of Zion

Falling In Love with Me Time- Pink Mug

Falling In Love with Me Time- Pink Mug

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The "Falling in Love with Me Time" mug is the perfect way to start your day off with a positive and confident mindset. This high-quality 11oz mug is made of brilliant white ceramic material with AAA+ ORCA coating, making them excellent for printing vibrant colors. This mug features a sleek and modern design, with the phrase "Falling in Love with Me Time" written in bold, eye-catching lettering.

As you sip your morning coffee or tea, the message on the mug serves as a reminder to prioritize self-love and care. It encourages you to take time for yourself and to appreciate your own unique qualities and strengths.

The mug is also practical and durable, and with the Orca Coating making it easy to clean, microwave-safe, and the orca coating mugs can withstand up to 3000 cycles in the dishwasher. This mug is able to withstand daily use and multiple washes. Its comfortable handle and generous size make it easy to hold and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Whether you're starting your day or taking a mid-day break, the "Falling in Love with Me Time" mug is a must-have for anyone looking to cultivate a positive and self-affirming mindset.

  • Orca Coating
  • 11oz. (0.33 l)
  •  Rounded corners
  • C-handle
  • White Cermaic
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